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Commonly Asked Questions & Answers.

1.) Can I bring my family/children with me? Yes, you are more than welcome to bring them with you. we do request that you do not let the children pick up the puppies, however, they are more than welcome to sit on the floor to play with the puppies, with supervision. Puppies can be very wiggly and easily dropped and injured.

2.) Can I bring my dog(s) with me to see if he/she gets along with the puppy/dog? No. There are too many risks involved to chance that. One such risk, is the possible spread of disease to unvaccinated puppies, which could kill the entire litter. Also, we do not want the added liability, should something unexpected occur. If you are adopting an older dog from us, it may be possible to do a controlled meet and greet with the dogs at a neutral location, if we feel fairly comfortable in doing so, after doing a thorough interview.

3.) Why is this puppy the last one? There has to be a last puppy in every litter. In fact, often times, the last one is our pick of the litter, that we may have held back in case that we wanted to keep it for ourselves.

4.) Do you go down in price as the puppies get older? No. The puppies do not lose value, just because they are over 8 weeks of age. Here at Eastabrooks Studio, we start at the time of birth of the puppies, to stimulate and socialize them, in preparation to becoming a well adjusted addition to their future family. As the puppy gets older, we continue with that, progressing with it, in line with age appropriate stimulation, socialization, and training. Some of our older puppies/dogs, have had extensive training before they leave, which is very nice for someone who does not, or is not capable, of dealing with the "puppy" phase and/or training. All of what we do with our puppies, takes a lot of experience, time, effort, work and money. The cost of the puppy/dog, is increased, considering the level of training that it has achieved. 

5.) Are your retired adult dog free? No, they are not. The adoption fee varies, according to the age of the dog. The fee for our senior dogs are typically less than, for an example, a two year old dog. We base it on the average expected life span of the dog. 

6.) What type of dog food are you feeding and do we have to use that dog food? We have done thorough research on the subject of dog food, and have decided to feed our dogs and puppies TLC Whole Life Dog & Puppy Food. In our opinion, it is one of the best and safest dog foods that we could find, and still at a very affordable price. We highly recommend the continued use of the TLC, and do require that you purchase and use the TLC Dog/puppy food for at least 2 weeks, so as to keep them on the same food as they adjust into their new home. If after those two weeks, you would prefer to change them over to a different food, we advise to do so gradually. Moving to a new home is a stress factor for a puppy or dog. We advise to keep them on the food for at least the 2 week period, to reduce the amount of stress factors, which could lead to stomach upset and diarrhea issues.  

7.) Do you require a phone interview and puppy/dog application to be filled out before adoption a puppy/dog? Yes. No puppies or dogs will be sold without a phone interview. A phone interview is much more thorough, quicker, and more efficient than emails and texts. Emails and texts, are fine for quick short answers, but can easily consume an entire day with longer questions and answers, and still not be as thorough as a phone call. We are very busy at Eastabrooks Studio, and it is much easier to get work done, using the phone method, versus having to stop multiple time a day to go back and forth with lengthy emails and texts. A puppy/dog application, will also be required, so that it can be kept in file. We then use it as a reference, to help pick the perfect dog/puppy for each individual family.

8.) Will you hold a puppy/dog for me, without a deposit or payment? No. In order to reserve a puppy under 8 weeks old, a deposit and signed contract will be required. For a puppy/dog above 8 weeks old, we require a signed contract and payment in full, to consider the dog sold and unavailable for sale. 

9.) After I adopt a puppy/dog from Eastabrooks Studio, can I call you with questions for instances that may come up? Yes, we offer Lifetime Breeder Support, and you can feel free to call to call us with any questions.

10.) Do you train or groom other peoples dogs? No. We do not train or groom other people's dogs. We reserve our time, to put into the dogs and puppies, here at Eastabrooks Studio.

11.) Do you board dogs for other people? No, we do not offer that service.

12.) Do we need to make an appointment to see a puppy/dog? Yes. Visits are by appointment only.

13.) What is your adoption process? Follow this link for information on the adoption process.

14.) What items do you recommend for our new puppy/dog? Follow this link for information on recommended items.

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