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I grew up in a very small spot in the road, surrounded by corn fields in the rural Midwest. My family had been in that town, since the town was settled, and I was related to many people in that town. Being surrounded by so much family was an awesome childhood experience. My grandma and her two sisters lived very close to me. They grew up on a dairy farm, and had learned many skills necessary of that era, many of which they passed on to me. I was very fortunate to have those 3 women in my life. They taught me a lot, and their love was always unconditional. Many of my products are a direct result of the skills that they taught me. Altho those 3 women have passed on, they will never be forgotten, nor will the skills and lessons that they taught me. Every product that I make, reminds me of a simpler, slower paced, much more tranquil way of living, in the rural Midwest, and I hope to be able to share a piece of that with you. I evaluate each product that I make, and only sell things that I would want to own myself. Customer satisfaction is very important to me. 

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Eastabrooks Studio offers quality handmade items ranging Rustic Home Decor, Pet Accessories, Gifts, and more. All items are handcrafted with quality leather, hardware, and/ or fabric and yarn. We also have a small dog breeding program and raise quality Goldendoodles and AKC Golden Retrievers.



Gifts created with many of the skills that was taught to me, by my older generations. Each piece is carefully crafted, to be something that I would want in my own home.

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