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Health & Home

Here at Eastabrooks Studio, we have a deep appreciation for getting back to the basics, and a more natural and healthy way of living. We are constantly learning more about how to improve on, and learn about those ways. It is here, that we will begin to share some of the things that we have learned and enjoyed.

My Story

While growing up, we had a very large and close knit family, which included several generations. I spent a lot of time with some very special members of my family, that were of the older generations. I was always very intrigued with many  of the things that they did and the skills that they had, and I was hungry to learn. They taught me many of their skills and ways, and I have held on to them endearingly. During the Covid scare and lockdowns, I was greatly appreciative, that I had learned many of those skills, but realized that I wanted, and needed, to learn even more.  Because of the supply shortages, and the difficulty that the Covid illness and the lockdowns created, I realized that it was important to continue to learn even more healthier, and self sufficient ways of living than what I already knew. With plenty of time on my hands, created by the lockdowns, I started researching, and the more that I researched, the more things that I found, that I wanted to learn and change. I have found that many people were quite intrigued with what I was doing and why, and how, so I have decided to start sharing some of that information here on this website. Just simply click on the links in the "Health & Home" dropdown box, to take you to the things that you would like to see. I will be continually adding more information and ideas, as time goes on. I hope you enjoy!

It is the sweet simple things in life, which are the real ones after all.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

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