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Goldendoodles, AKC Golden Retrievers, & AKC Standard Poodles

Kim's K9's

We have a small breeding program that has taken many years to develop. We have spent a lot of time researching bloodlines and finding just the right dogs for our program. Much priority and dedication has gone into temperament, conformation, health, trainability, etc. 


We have been breeding Golden Retrievers for over 30 years, and the Goldendoodles for over 20 yrs now.  As a second generation dog breeder, I have loved dogs/animals all of my life and in 1992, we got our first Golden Retriever. I had been very particular in what I wanted to see in a dog, and waited to find exactly what I wanted before I adopted one. I have researched the bloodlines and learned a lot over the last 30 plus years. Our goal has been to produce puppies that are not only beautiful, but have very good health, exceptional temperaments, and that are smart and very trainable. We have worked very hard to establish the bloodlines that we have, and am very proud of them.

Our breeding dogs are not just breeding dogs, but family pets as well. They live in our home with us, and are socialized with people of all ages. I have been quite active in training all of our dogs over the years, and have had several certified for Pet Assisted Therapy. It is a very rewarding experience. Several of the puppies that have been adopted by us, have also gone on to be Pet Assisted Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs.

The goal for our breeding program, was not only to produce a wonderful family pet, but to develop bloodlines, that would be suitable for Pet Assisted Therapy, and Service Dog work. We originally started with the Golden Retriever breed, because our love of the wonderful breed and all of their great qualities. As the years went on, we realized that there were a lot of people who desired to have a Golden Retriever, but could not, because of allergies, or they needed something with less shedding, for Pet Assisted Therapy or Service work. That need, is why we added Goldendoodles to our breeding program. The Goldendoodles with their more hypo-allergenic qualities, and low to no shedding, have been an amazing option for many people, who needed those qualities in a dog.

What sets us apart from other breeders? A lifetime of experience and research, to know what dogs to add to our breeding program, that would continue to improve our bloodlines and produce exceptional puppies for family pets, Pet Assisted Therapy Dogs, and Service Dogs. Over 57 years of dog handling experience, to know how to give the puppies the best start possible, physically and mentally. The knowledge and experience to be able to give lifetime breeder support to the people that adopt puppies from us, even regarding training and grooming questions. We don't rely on fads for training, and caring for our dogs and puppies. We use time proven methods that we have learned from many years of experience. 

We are family owned and operated right here in Northwest, Illinois. Since we have started our breeding program in 1992, we have met so many wonderful people and encourage them to keep in contact. We have really enjoyed all of the pictures and updates from the people that have adopted our puppies over the years. 

Companion Forever Homes Inquiries welcome by phone or email. 

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Past Puppies Photo Gallery

Goldendoodles and Golden Retrievers

Reason's to have a Dog.

  • Childhood friend

  • Loyal Companion

  • Alert Dog

  • Service Dog

  • Pet Assisted Therapy Dog

  • Agility Dog

  • Comfort Dog

  • Family Pet

  • Hearing Alert Dog

  • Mobility Dog

  • PTSD Dog

  • Seizure Alert Dog

  • Dock Diving Dog

  • Hunting Dog

  • And the list goes on and on.

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