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My favorite dog related items.

Golden Retrievers at park
Golden Retrievers

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People have been asking me what type of dog products that I recommend. Here is a list that I have made, with links, to show which items have worked well for me over the years. These are the basics, that I have used for all of my dogs, for many years.

1.) Dog food bowls: Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

I really like these dog bowls, because the are very difficult for the dogs/puppies to tip, they are very durable, they always clean up very nicely, and they seem to last for nearly forever. I normally remove the bottom rubber ring, if the dog will be left unattended with the bowl. They can chew that off and it can become a health hazard, by choking the dog, or becoming an obstruction, if they swallow it.

2.) Dog Crates: Wire Dog Crate

I really like the wire dog crates. I like the crates with the double doors, so that I have more options of where I can locate it, and for easier access to reach in. I also like the wire crates, because of being able to pull out the tray to make cleaning easier. Also, if you get one with the divider, the crate can grow with the dog, so that to make it easier for crate training a puppy, but then expanding the size as the puppy grows, so that you don't have to buy multiple crates.

Sometimes, I do like to use a plastic Pet Taxi type of crate, for when transporting a dog in a vehicle. It sits nicer in the back seat of my car and easier to move around than a wire crate.

3.) Dog Brush: Slicker Brush

A slicker brush is a must, for grooming most dogs. I always start out the grooming with going over the dog thoroughly with a slicker brush first.

After going over the dog thoroughly with the slicker brush, it is necessary to go over the dog with a comb. The metal combs work best for this. The Detangling comb, with the two length teeth, works amazing to get through tangles and mats. Always make sure to get clear to the skin while combing.

For the Golden Retrievers and double coated breeds, I love using the Deshedding rake, to get a lot of the dead undercoat out. After that, I like to go through with the deshedding/dematting tool, to take out more undercoat, to help with minimizing shedding.

6.) Nail Trimmer: Nail Clipper

This is my favorite type of nail clipper. I feel that I have much more control with this type.

I like the nylon collar and leashes. They are very durable and wash up nicely. I also like this type of collar, because it adjusts quite a bit, so that you don't have to buy so many collars as your puppy grows, and is easy to get on and off. Always remove collar from dog/puppy before crating. It can get caught on things, and become a strangulation hazard.

8.) Toys:

Rope Toys: My dogs LOVE rope toys. They are very durable and supply endless hours of entertainment for my dogs.

Nylabones: These are very durable toys that have always been good for satisfying the urge to chew, especially in teething puppies.

Always inspect toys and throw them away, if they are showing signs of being worn or damaged. My dogs also love tennis balls, but I only let them have them while supervised, and don't allow them to chew them. They can be a choking hazard.


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