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Your Puppy's First Trip to the Vet

September 26, 2023

When you first get a puppy, you should take it right away to the vet to get it checked over. At that time, the vet can confirm that it is a healthy puppy. If it is not, IMMEDIATELY, contact the breeder and discuss the findings with them. If it is healthy, now is the time to discuss the vaccination schedule and any other questions that you may have with the vet.


To have a good visit at the vet, CARRY the puppy into the office, and keep the puppy off of the floors, so that it is less likely to pick up any illnesses from other animals that may have come in. Remember that your puppy has NOT had all of its vaccinations yet, and needs to avoid being exposed to a lot of other dogs at this point. Keep your puppy away from other dogs at the vets. Not all dogs are friendly. You want to make sure this first vet visit leaves a good impression on your puppy, and not a scary one.


Your vet will want to know your puppy's birthdate, and will want to see a health record from the breeder, so they know what has already been done. You may want to check with your vet to see if they also want you to bring a stool sample, to check for parasites. Many vets do that routinely.


For the trip, remember the paper towels, plastic bag, and spray bottle, just in case of accidents, and either a crate or puppy holder for the drive.


by KJE


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