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Crocheted Mushroom Purse

My daughter in law LOVES mushrooms and like to decorate her house with them. I was on Pinterest and found the cutest pattern for a crocheted purse with mushrooms on it and intended to make it for her. I was very busy at the time, and happened across someone that had made one for sale, so since I was so busy, I just bought it from them. She did a beautiful job on it. Since it is crocheted tho, I knew there was a chance that some things like change and small items, could possibly fall out of the purse, so I decided to put a lining in it. I took some plain red fabric, and some with white polka dots, and made a liner out of the double thickness, the plain red would be what you saw through any of the crocheted holes, and you would see the polka dots from the inside. This is how it turned out. It was a win! She loved it!

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