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About the Author - by KJE

January 21, 2023

Growing up in the Midwest, I always seemed to keep myself busy finding fun and interesting things to learn and do. I was fortunate to have a very large family all around me, and when I would get bored, I would go search some of them up, and see what they were doing, and get involved. It could be my Grandma down the street, making cookies, or Great-Aunt down at the other end of town, playing her guitar or going horse back riding. I might decide to search up my other Great-Aunt, and go play in her barn, catching wild baby kittens, or feeding baby calves with a bottle. Or, maybe my Grandparents would be heading to the river with their boat, and I would decide to go boating with them. And then, maybe I would decide to go trucking across the country with my dad, who was an over the road truck driver, or maybe just go down and hang out with the kids at the creek. Whatever it was, it was usually just a walk or a bike ride away, 'til I had some fun to be found. Along the way, I learned a lot of things, and I will always cherish the memories made in the process.


The things that I learned, and those memories, made me who I am today. This blog will be to share a little of that. I hope you enjoy it.


by KJE